Saturday, 6 May 2017

Life Is Completely Unpredictable....

I know everyone wants to know weather i got that job or yes even after such a pathetic interview i got the Job...but yet not received the offer letter😕😕😕

Anyways this week started on a good note with a job....yesssssss....cant describe it in words but as i was saying life is unpredictable as this interview was but also life...

And I am saying so because it can happen that when you sleep at night u sleep completely fit and fine....and when you get up the next might have a muscle pull and u are in a complete bed rest where you cant even move around in your own house properly...well this happens with me....

And when this happens the Bank HR person calls and say you have to complete your documentation today only...that is why life is completely UNPREDICTABLE....

Specially in my case if there is one thing good the other will definitely pop up to screw the first good in this case my doctor said if i go for documentation i have to climb down the stairs of my building and my building doesn't have a lift...and when i come back i have to climb back also and the HR is not ready to do the documentation any other day also...that's my life...😁😁😁

And i am sure completely unpredictable things do happen even in your i hope this reminds you of something unpredictable moment of your life... 

Anyhow i did go for the documentation....and delayed my recovery by 3 was a week which was spent mostly in my room...but was a happy week Because i did get placed in a good bank...By the way Its HDFC...Yepiiiiiii... super happy...

P.S : Please bless that now i don't have to ever look back in life and my career is on a good track always...need your blessings and wishes...and who ever wants to follow me here please click the follow button (the Blue One) which is on the right side...I need more Followers so please follow.... 😊😊😊😊 


  1. Congrats !! Really it happened to me too on my first day of job. Suddenly they wanted all the proofs that I was Indian. But fortunately no muscle pull or anything so I think was fine in that area.
    PS - Please read and review

    1. with m na nothing is as simple but yes its full of surprises that i love..

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