Saturday, 25 March 2017

Plan A Or Plan B...Does it Matter... :) :)

last post padhne k baad mera ek frnd hai mjhe msg karta hai k fir se post shaadi se related hai...fir i told him k u decide the theme i ll write bout it..he suddenly said ohkk...but nxt day jab i asked him k kya likhu bol toh he had nothing in his mind...
honestly every week ek naya topic is difficult to think about...yaad hai na @rohan 💭💭
but i promised him ki dis blog will not b about shaadi or i really dnt knw much k wat m i writing bout...👧👧

bahut kaam logo ko pata hai writing was something i nvr thought k mai karungi apni lyf was nvr my pln to write something ever...infct meri sis +Aditi  ko writing ka shauk hai but she hardly writes...👍👍🖋🖋

iss week ek youtube pe short movie dekhi PEANUT BUTTER...good cute nyc vedio...ek chiz realise k ....k we as pple bahut kuch sochte hai but karte uska haf bhi nai hai...nd so we land up doing things tat we have not planned nd isliye lyf bhi humari Plan B k track par aa jati hai...hum log realise hi nai kar paate k plan A hai kya..??🙆🙆

koi mjhse agr puchega so evn i dnt knw wat my plan A is...atleast writing a blog was nvr evn Plan B meri lyf ka..meri lyf ka plan A was k till now career mei i wud b successful...but i m ab i have decide k kisi ka nai sochungi ll do things tat give m happiness nd peace nd satisfaction...nd lyf ka Plan A achieve karungi no matter how hard nd long it takes but ll take steps to achieve tat..nd i think we shud all do things jo hume happiness de without thinking especially bout d society...log kya bolenge if we did tat kyuki dis is not d way...arreee sab ne kabhi na kabhi toh out of d way jaake koi kaam kiya hai nd woh jo happiness hoti hai woh amazing wali hoti hai....

so love urself nd wat ever u do...nvr think of it in ny way of Plan B humesha Plan A ko figure out karo nd do tat with full confidence ....nd nvr think k log kya bolnge ur happiness is going to stay with u...ek lyf hai regrets kyu sambhale whn we cn have experiences nd lessons from our own mistakes...just love ur life nd urself nd happiness ll follow...isliye finally i did not choose any Plan...Plan A Or B doesn't matter...i finally chose Myself coz i love matter what i do i ll never regret it....

nyways iss week k pic mei mera frnd hai Shivam Nd dursi Pic mei Aditi nd Tanuj hai meri sis nd jiju...last week dy were in kolkata nd i m missing dem isliye its for dem ...😎😉😉😇

P.S: Congratulation to Shivam Keshri frnd nd co-creater of dis blog for cracking d admission in ur choice of MBA College really happy for u...but party toh chahiye boss..😀😀😁😁 nd mjhe koi sharam nai hai party mangne mei....nd yes one more thing Trying something new, please bless me & Aditi and Like the page, Happy Shopping People, Stay Happy Stay Colorful.


  1. People (may be like me) don't search for a story or post full of hard meaning words... We luk for things around us, within us.. Felt very original

  2. Itisreallyaayu...Awsm keep expressing urself no more wasting tym in impressing life my rules my happiness...good work...gudluk

  3. Itisreallyaayu...Awsm keep expressing urself no more wasting tym in impressing life my rules my happiness...good work...gudluk


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