Saturday, 1 April 2017

Can a Girl And Boy be BBF only and nothing more....

Someone once asked me can a girl and a boy be just immediate reply was why not..but that person wasn't convinced with whatever i told...

I have also realized that especially in our country if a girl's best friend is a boy or vice a versa people do make an assumption that they are more then friends but its not true in every case... in my life i have more friends who are guys then in comparison of girls...its simple once thought process is cannot be segregated as per their gender..Can you...??🙇🙇

So why have we created this as a taboo...may be because of a film that has a stupid dialogue.."ek ladka aur ek ladki dost nai ho sakte.." all this is bullshit...and even if this is true in a few of the cases but not in every case...every time we see a girl and a guy walking together the first thing that we assume is that they must be girlfriend boyfriend..they might be just friends...

In short my point here is simple before assuming one should look at their own friend circle even they will have opposite gender friends and their wont be their life partners...

Friends are also soulmates its difficult to find honest and loving friends when you have found one never let that stupid friend go off your life for anyone...because people who will care and who knows you will know that for you that person is your best friend no matter that its a he or a she....and those who don't know you how does it matter what they think...never lose a true because of those who don't matter or those who comment because they don't know how important it is to have friends so what if they are from the opposite gender...😊😊

In my life i have BFF from both the gender...but i am more close to the one which is not of my gender...and that why this week I am sharing their pic..

this is Shubham Mandhana , Ankit Jaiswal and Mirdul BF's--not boy friend but best friend whom i can call even at 3.a.m without even thinking for once...and i know that they will be there on the other side of the phone to listen to all my crap...i love you...

P.S:This week my friends short movie got released...great work..awesome movie to watch its available on youtube if you have a few minutes do watch it...its worth a watch.."Two Months" is the link ....great going guys...keep it up...


  1. That was really a great thught and true, but nowadays these orthodox concept is no any more. everyone has a friend who is there opposite sex but it really doesn't mean the cannot be a simple best friend infact they really are. who so ever are still thinking is just a fool. but aayushi u must agree this a way of annoying ur friends also. u can take this as a kidding.
    its me suraj

    1. True tat it's changing but still it's their which we need to change...Nd i don't get irritated so fast...😀

  2. I believe if a gal has more male frnz over female, she chose being real over being acceptable!!

    1. True... Completely agreed...But how many girls are real...Nd i came across guys who are scared of accepting d fact that their best friends are girls...It's actually y i wrote dis...

    2. Dunno bout the guy in, specific, I fear none to accept that I LuV u :*

    3. Oyeee hoyeeee....I love you too ....Nd thankuuu for always supporting my every action Nd reactions

    4. If u LuV me back, u don't needa thank me, just keep LuVing


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