Saturday, 18 March 2017

Traditions tat one loves to follow... :) :)

mera 3rd post hai nd i m vry happy coz last duno post ko kafi logo ne lyk kiya so thankuuuuu big tym wala..iss week holi thi der was literally so much..but first off all happy holi...😊😊😊..mera all tym fav festival hai bahut masti toh hoti hi hai but ek tradition hai jo no matter wat holi play kare yaa nai we dnt break it...nd tat is to go out and see a movie...😀😀

iss baar we saw Badrinath Ki Dulhania...awesme lagi mjhe toh ..uska review nai dungi but i personally think k movie ka naam Vaidehi ka dulha hona chahiye tha...iss movie ko dekhne k baad mjhe 90% logo ne ek hi baat boli k alia ko phele hi bol dena chahiye tha...but i personally think she was not entirely wrong...she tried but she cud not find tat happiness b4...wat she wanted in her husband was very simple k woh uske liye stand le joki varun last mei leta bhi hai nd not just she zyda tar girls apne husband mei yaa as a matter of fact ny guy in her life jo important hai uski lyf mei unn se yeh expect karti hai k woh usski aur usske kaam k respect kare...joki alia also wants in d film...nd finally when she realizes dis den it doesnt matter k varun is not as educated as she is....or rightly said "Pyar important hai but respect usse bhi zyda important hai "....varun was a gem of a person but y shud a grl keep up her career jab she likes to wrk..😮😮

nyways somebody in my class asked m wat wud i have done if i was in her plc...nd honestly it tuk 2mins for m to answer...but i nly replied one thing...tat whn i get a guy who is not afraid of telling his parents tat i love her d way she is nd she ll not change just bcz we are getting married tat day i ll marry tat person who is ready to take a stand for m...nd be der by my side in all my decision.. who doesnt want m to change or leave my career bcz he is frm a well to do family...not criticizing nyone but des are my thoughts...whn i dont want my husband to change y does d society or his family expects m to change...already ll b leaving my family uss se zyda y shud i compromise...😇😇

nyways dis is a very debatable topic...nd yeh holi kja week hai...pata hai i played holi in 5 different places ...nd i m sharing its pic here...had awesome holi...class, pg, house, complex, office....had awesome time nd awesome holi....
holi 2017

P.S : dis tym i just want to say k RED FM ne ek campaign start kiya hai...its a really nyc campaign nd dis is my way of contributing towards it .....i did my bit u should do urs too....dis ll help create awareness bout girls hygiene in periods which ll help dem in alott of ways...healthy girl can achieve far more den a unhealthy lets take a pledge to make as many girls healthy nd change their habit from ny other things to pads...hats off to red fm nd their team for dis...sharing its link... #bajaaoforacause#padhabit 

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